EALAS2023 - Workshop "Vascular Catherization"


EALAS - Workshop

The objective of this workshop is to allow the participants to work under the highest standards of vascular catheterization in experimental models. It could welcome both junior surgeons willing to learn the basics of rodent vascular catheterization and more experienced surgeons who are looking for refinement “tips and tricks”. The workshop will start with an aseptic condition briefing. Demonstration videos of a rat jugular vein catheterization and access button fixation will follow. Attendees will be invited to perform their own catheterization, under the supervision of international experts. If time allows, more experienced surgeons will be encouraged to continue with additional procedures such as carotid artery or femoral vein/artery catheterization.
During this wet lab, the following “keys to success” will be described in detail: 
·       Aseptic conditions
·       Catheter placement
·       Access system placement
·       Suturing techniques
·       Lock solution management
For security reasons we disclose the event location 2 weeks prior the congress.

Mi. 22.11.2023, 14:00 Uhr - 17:30 Uhr


Workshop instructors:

Delphine Bouard DMV DESV Dip. Vet. LAS
Surgery Consultant
Vetsalius; Lyon France

Bertrand Lussier DMV MSc Diplomate ACVS
Professor of surgery, Department of Clinical Sciences
Member, GREPAQ (Research Group in Animal Pharmacology of Quebec), Faculty of veterinary medicine
Associate researcher, Osteoarthritis Research Unit, Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM), Université de Montréal

Andree Lapierre BS, LATG, CMAR, SRS
Director of Global Surgical Support at Instech Laboratories

NOTE: This stage of registration will flag as 'free' on our platform, but please be aware that an invoice will be prepared, which requires payment to complete the registration process. 
The participation fee for the workshop is 480,- Euro and will raise by 20% after Sept. 22th