EALAS2023 - Workshop "Dry Lab"


EALAS - Workshop

The objective of this workshop is to become familiar with basic microsurgical techniques, and is sought for scientists and lab technicians. This workshop is for neophytes and for those who need to refresh their skills after a period of inactivity. It starts with a short lecture on how to set up a microscope and about the specific microsurgical instrumentation. The lecture will be followed by a directed hands-on workshop of 150 min of 6 hands-on exercises. The exercises will be demonstrated by video before each session.  The workshop’s specific objectives are:
  • Learn how to set up the operation microscope.
  • Learn the basic instrumentation and how to use them in a clinical setting.
  • Learn basic suturing techniques that can be translated into the clinical setting (simple interrupted, simple continuous, Ford interlocking, purse string, Chinese finger-trap)
  • Decide if microsurgery is for me!!
For security reasons we disclose the event location 2 weeks prior the congress.

Mi. 22.11.2023, 09:00 Uhr - 12:30 Uhr


Leading Workshop instructors:

Delphine Bouard DMV DESV Dip. Vet. LAS
Surgery Consultant
Vetsalius; Lyon France

Bertrand Lussier DMV MSc Diplomate ACVS
Professor of surgery, Department of Clinical Sciences
Member, GREPAQ (Research Group in Animal Pharmacology of Quebec), Faculty of veterinary medicine
Associate researcher, Osteoarthritis Research Unit, Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM), Université de Montréal

NOTE: This stage of registration will flag as 'free' on our platform, but please be aware that an invoice will be prepared, which requires payment to complete the registration process. 
The participation fee for the workshop is 390,- Euro and will raise by 20% after Sept. 22th

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